We don’t like.
For us the word ‘like’ is in the same box as ‘fine, ok … nice’.
Without sounding greedy. We want more.

We have passion and expect to be the best in class.
We want our customers to tuck into one of our sandwiches,
wraps, salads or boxes full of good stuff and say (whilst chewing)
“I love tuna wraps…I  love these little seed things on top…
I love the classic combo of beef & horseradish”.

It’s the love test. It’s our test and it works.
If a product doesn’t pass our ‘love’ test,
if it simply doesn’t cut the mustard,
it won’t make it on to our menu.

We love great food and we’re passionate
about a quality service, and as well all know,
passion turns to love.


Our team loves being a sandwich supplier!